The Baptist Village

Providing a safe space for camps, congregations,
and conferences for the community of believers in Yeshua.

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The Baptist Village is a non-profit organization serving the needs of believers--both Jewish and Arab--in Israel. We provide a place for believers in Yeshua to host camps and conferences. The BV also serves the local community by providing a softball field and a baseball field for Israeli leagues to practice and compete. Visitors are welcome to come and learn about our history and tour the grounds.



The Baptist Village is open year-round for events. Organizations of like-minded believers can rent the meeting rooms, dorms, cabins, amphitheater, and chapel for religious instruction and development. The Baptist Village is a non-profit organization and not a business, therefore the facilities are only available for the use of faith-based events.

congregations that meet at the BV

all nations congregation

Worship services of All Nations are held on Saturdays. One service is Hebrew and another is in English.

or hachaim/the light of life

A Russian-speaking congregation meets for worship on Friday evenings and has special times for youth as well.


International Sports Properties is a tenant of the Baptist Village and provides a place for games and practices of the Israel Association of Baseball and the Israel Softball Association.

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